Open Source Cartridge Reader V3-ALTER Build service

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Open Source Cartridge Reader V3-ALTER Build service


Save both the roms *and* the saved games from your SNES, N64, GBA, GB/GBC, and Genesis cartridges directly onto a Micro SD card.

New N64 controller pak save data write/read and N64 controller test functions added as standard from the original PCB design.
LEDs are moved to the surface, enhancing the design.
New buttons are easier to press and operate.
All PCB board wiring has been rearranged by hand, and the GBA slots have been slightly relocated for the special acrylic case.
USB-C*(C to C cables will not work. Please use the supplied cable or A to C cable)

All units shipped are Dump tested in all cartridge slots.

Size: 110×110×39(wood base40)mm

USB-C Cable*(C to C cables will not work. Please use the supplied cable or A to C cable)
If you want a perfect and nicely designed USB-C, look here.

 1GB MicroSD card included


Created by modifying "Open Source Cartridge Reader" (sanni Github


 (Licensed under CC BY 4.0))

Read Notes & Known issues before purchasing

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Lots of color for you

The Cartridge Reader comes with a 1GB MicroSD card for testing as an extra, but best results are achieved if you have your own high-quality MicroSD card.

    Cartridge adapters


    Open Source Cartridge Reader 

    ⚠Power off before removing or inserting cartridges


    • Modular design
    • Stand-alone operation
    • Easy to modify open-source code
    • Portable when used together with a power bank

    Supported Systems:

    • SNES/Super Famicom (including SF Memory and Satellaview)
    • N64 (including Controller Pak and Gameshark)
    • Game Boy Color (including GB Memory)
    • Game Boy Advance
    • Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

           Supported with adapters:

        • NES/Famicom/Family Basic
        • Virtual Boy
        • Sega Game Gear
        • Sega Master System
        • Sega Mark III
        • Sega SG-1000
        • Sega Cards
        • PC engine/TG16
        • WonderSwan (Color)
        • NeoGeo Pocket (Color)
        • Intellivision
        • ColecoVision
        • Benesse Pocket Challenge W
        • Benesse Pocket Challenge V2
        • Watara Supervision
        • Atari 2600/5200/7800
        • Emerson Arcadia 2001
        • Fairchild Channel F
        • Magnavox Odyssey 2
        • Super A'Can
        • MSX
        • Pokemon Mini
        • Casio Loopy
        • C64
        • Vectrex


        Reads SNES roms and reads/writes save games from and to the SNES cartridge
Supported cartridge types so far: LoRom, HiRom, ExHiRom, DSP, SuperFX, SuperFX2, SDD1, CX4, SPC7110, SA1 (last two chips need Clock Generator)
        • Reads and writes SNES Satellaview 8M Memory packs (BS-X cartridge and Clock Generator needed)
        • Reads and writes Nintendo Power Super Famicom Memory Flash Cartridges (needs Clock Generator for best result)
        • Reflashes some Chinese or custom-made SNES repros with AM29F032, MBM29F033, MX29LV320 or MX29LV640 flashroms
        • Reads N64 roms and reads/writes save games(4K/16K Eeprom + Sram + all 3 types of Flashram), Eeprom needs Clock Generator by default, Proto carts are not supported yet   *Clock generator is used by: SNES SA1, SNES SF Memory, SNES Satellaview, SNES SPC7110(not sure), N64 eeprom save

            • Please prepare a smartphone charging adapter (5V/1A, e.g. iphone adapter) and a micro-USB cable. The micro USD connector of the arduino used in this product is very fragile and easily broken, so we strongly recommend using a magnetic cable.

          • This product is a handmade kit for an open-source project. Unlike industrial line products, the quality of this product may vary slightly due to the fact that it is hand-mounted in a factory. Flux remains on the soldered parts because machine cleaning is not possible. Flux may look dirty, but it protects the solder from oxidation and is a functional flag. Please consider it as a handmade product.

          • Please note that there may be cases where the cartridge cannot be read due to various factors such as condition, type, and compatibility. Please understand that this is a product based on an open source project, so please purchase with the understanding that it is not perfect.

          • Please note that we cannot provide any support for programming or operating instructions.

          • This warranty does not cover accidents caused by rewriting the firmware of the Arduino.

          • Please use it only with the game that you own because the backup becomes a premise. It is illegal to transfer or sell the original cartridge after the game is downloaded.

          • Please purchase only after thoroughly researching how to use it.


          *The SA1 add-on option Clock Generator is made by Ancyker.

          *Remote areas may be subject to an out-of-area delivery fee.

          Pls check your zip code (except for Europe)

          ⚠Customers in remote delivery areas will be charged an additional shipping fee at the time of sending.

          ⚠⚠For applicable areas, an additional fee will be charged prior to shipment.

          Open Source Licenses:

          • Software(everything in Cart_Reader folder) = GPL v3
          • Hardware(everything in hardware folder) = CC-BY-4.0
          • Documentation(everything in the Wiki) = CC0 1.0

          Created by modifying "Open Source Cartridge Reader" (sanni Github (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)) by save the hero builders

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