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Open Source Cartridge Reader 

*Software support is not within my skill set, but if you have any questions, please contact me at the following email address


  • Completely stand-alone, does not need a PC to operate (unless for updating firmware)
  • Easy to modify open-source code, write your own extensions and share them with others
  • Portable thanks to an internal battery
  • Modular design using mostly off-the-shelf components


Supported Systems:

  • Reads official NES, Famicom and Family Basic cartridges including save
  • Supports Mapper 30/NESmaker and flashes INL NM30 boards
  • Reads SNES roms and reads/writes save games from and to the SNES cartridge
    Supported cartridge types so far: LoRom, HiRom, ExHiRom, DSP, SuperFX, SuperFX2, SDD1, CX4, SPC7110, SA1 (last two chips need Clock Generator)
  • Reads and writes SNES Satellaview 8M Memory packs (BS-X cartridge and Clock Generator needed)
  • Reads and writes Nintendo Power Super Famicom Memory Flash Cartridges (needs Clock Generator for best result)
  • Reflashes some Chinese or custom-made SNES repros with AM29F032, MBM29F033, MX29LV320 or MX29LV640 flashroms
  • Reads N64 roms and reads/writes save games(4K/16K Eeprom + Sram + all 3 types of Flashram), Eeprom needs Clockgen by default, Proto carts are not supported yet
  • Reads and writes N64 controller paks and also can test a N64 controller's buttons and thumbstick
  • Reflashes some Chinese N64 repros with S29GL type flashroms
  • Reflashes N64 Gamesharks with SST 29LE010(and similar) eeproms
  • Reads Game Boy (Color) roms and reads/writes save games
  • Reads and writes Nintendo Power Game Boy Memory Flash Cartridges
  • Programs custom-made Game Boy (Color) flashcarts with AM29F016, AM29F032, MBM29F033 flashrom
  • Programs EMS GB Smart 32M flash carts
  • Programs Gameboy Camera Flashcart
  • Reads Game Boy Advance roms and reads/writes the save games(4K Eeprom, 64K Eeprom, Sram/Fram, 512K flash, 1M flash)
  • Reflashes some Chinese GBA repros with i4000L0YBQ0, i4400L0ZDQ0, MX29GL128E, MSP55LV128, PC28F256M29 or M29W128GH flashroms
  • Reads Sega Mega Drive roms and reads/writes save games(Sram/Fram, Eeprom)
  • Reads Sega Master System roms and saves
  • Reads Sega Game Gear roms and saves (using Retrode adapter)
  • Reads some Sega Mark III cartridges (using Raphnet adapter)
  • Reads some Sega SG-1000 cartridges (using Raphnet adapter)
  • Reads some Sega Cards (using Card Catcher and Raphnet Mark III Adapter)
  • Reads PC engine/TG16 cartridges (using Retrode or custom adapter)
  • Reads WonderSwan cartridges (using custom adapter)
  • Reads NeoGeo Pocket cartridges (using custom adapter)
  • Programs flashrom chips like AM29F016B/D, AM29F032B, MBM29F033C, MX29F1601, MX29F1610, MX29L3211, MX29LV160, MX29LV320, S29GL032M, MX26L6420, MBM29F800BA, AM29F800BB, LH28F016SUT, AM29F400AB, E28FXXXJ3A and AM29LV033C (using custom adapter)
  • Programs M27C322 eproms (using custom adapter)

*The SA1 add-on option Clock Generator is made by Ancyker.



Software Licenses : GPL v3

Hardware Licenses : Created by modifying "Open Source Cartridge Reader" (sanni Github  (Licensed under CC BY 4.0))

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